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Main Town

1 km from the Montownia

A representative part of Gdańsk Downtown district, forming a compact historic complex. Most of the city’s monuments are located here: St. Mary’s Basilica, the Golden Gate or the Main Town Hall, as well as the historic axis of the axis of the Royal Route consisting of Długa Street and Długi Targ Street.

St. Mary’s Basilica

1.2 km from the Montownia

It dates back to the 13th century and is a
historic concathedral, now the largest
historic church in Poland and the third
largest brick church in the world.
The basilica is located at Podkramarska
5 Street.

Neptune’s Fountain

1.5 km from the Montownia

A historic fountain on Długi Targ Street, built
in 1615 to a design by Abraham van den
Blocke, the designer of the Golden Gate.
The fountain was launched in 1633.

Artus Court

1.5 km from the Montownia

One of the most representative monuments located on the so-called Royal Route Royal Route in Gdańsk. Formerly a meeting place for merchants, a centre of social life, later a stock exchange social life, later a stock exchange, now a branch of the Gdańsk Museum. It is located at Długi Targ 43 Street.

St. Dominic’s Fair

1.5 km from the Montownia

The tradition of the St. Dominic’s Fair dates
back to 1260. An entertainment,
commercial and cultural event, it takes
place every year in August. Stalls are
located in the Old Town and the Main
Town on Długa Street.

WL4-Milk Piotr

600 m from the Montownia

An arts centre located in a former
shipyard warehouse with original studios,
rehearsal spaces for musicians, actors
and concerts and performances. The
attraction is located at Dokowa 1 Street.

“Sculptures coming out of the sea”

600 m from the Montownia

An exhibition of sculptural works by
Czesław Podleśny at the Shipyard
Imperial, is located on the former slipway
of the K-2 Hull Department
at 1 Dokowa Street.

Centre for Contemporary Art “Łaźnia”

2.5 km from the Montownia

Gdańsk cultural institution located in the
city centre, in the historic building of the
former Łaźnia Miejska/City Bath. Venue
for exhibitions, artistic events, as well as a
cinema and a bookshop. The attraction is
located at Jaskółcza 1 Street.

Wałowa Clinic

100 m from the Montowni

The most interesting example
of architecture in interwar Gdańsk of high
historic value. The largest and most
modern building investment in Gdańsk
of that period. The building is located
at Wałowa 27 Street.

Oliwa Archcathedra

11 km from the Montownia

A Roman Catholic archcathedral church,
its history dates back to the 12th century,
it has a historic organ in Rococo style and
23 altars in various architectural styles.
The archcathedral is located at 5 Bishop
Edmund Nowicki 5 Street.

St. Jan Church

1.2 km from the Montownia

Świątynia przy ul. Świętojańskiej 50 pochodzi z połowy XIV w. i jest jednym z najcenniejszych zabytków miasta. Gotycki ceglany kościół posiada wykonany z kamienia ołtarz główny dedykowany św. Janowi Chrzcicielowi.