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Stogi Beach

9 km from the Montownia

A beautiful, sandy beach located near
the city centre next to Wydmy 1 Street,
and has a guarded swimming area.

Brzeźno Beach

8 km from the Montownia

A sandy beach with a walking pier
and numerous attractions at Oksywska
Street. Here you can enjoy cycle paths,
green areas, a volleyball court, a water
slide and a rope park.

Sobieszewo Island

20 km from the Montownia

A part of the city located by the Vistula
River on the Bay of Gdańsk,
it has a charming beach and a pine forest.
The beaches on the Isle of Sobieszewo
are among the widest and most beautiful
beaches in Gdańsk.

Marina Gdańsk

2 km from the Montownia

The 290-metre-long marina for yachts
and motor boats is located along
the Szafarnia Wharf on the New Motława.

Melexes thiw a guide

5 km from the Montownia

Sightseeing tours of the city on board
battery-powered melex with audio system
with different language versions allows
you to get to know the greatest attractions
of Gdańsk in a comfortable manner.
The attraction is located at Granitowa 6 Street.

The Emperor’s Harbour

600 m from the Montownia

A modern marina at Dokowa 1 Street,
suitable for minor repairs, and in winter
offers berthing for yachts.

SUPs on the Motława

3 km from the Montownia

Possibility of renting SUP boards and
guided cruises on the Motława.
The attraction is based at the Kamienna

Cycle routes

The vicinity of the Montownia is
conducive to cycling routes to various
parts of the of the city, e.g. to
Westerplatte, Sobieszewo Island,
Otomin, Oliwskie Valleys, TriCity
Landscape Park, Sopot and Gdynia.

Cruises on the Motława and Shipyard

In Gdańsk, you can see the sights
and attractions from the river side.
Just take a cruise on a catamaran
or a historic boat.

Bay cruises

Gdańsk abounds in offers for one-day or
longer cruises on ships and catamarans.
You can choose an itinerary around the
bay or to destinations located on the Hel

Długie Pobrzeże (Long Embankment)

1,5 km from the Montownia

For centuries, there have been wooden
platforms at this place for unloading
and discharging ships. Today,
it is a waterfront promenade
on the Main City, stretching along
the western bank of the Motława river.

Steffens Park

2 km from the Montownia

One of the largest (13 ha) and oldest
public parks stretching along Zwycięstwa
Avenue. It was established at the end
of the 19th century. It is located at Towarowa 40 Street.

Oliwa Park

9 km from the Montownia

A historic city park of more than 11
hectares, it is full of greenery and walking
paths. This charming place spreads
out on Opata Jacka Rybińskiego Street.

Oruński Park

5 km from the Montownia

The third largest city park in Gdańsk with
two ponds connected by a stream.
It is located in the southern part of the city,
in Oruń, at Nowiny 2 Street.


2 km from the Montownia

A historic complex located at Gradowa
Street, consisting of, among others, a park
and vantage point, is the remains of a 16th
century fortification.