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Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre

1.5 km from the Montownia

Opened in 2014, the only Shakespearean
theatre in Poland, which also conducts
educational activities. The attraction is
located at Wojciech Bogusławski 11 Street.

Wybrzeże Theatre

1.3 km from the Montownia

A modern theatre operating for over two
hundred years and presenting
performances on four stages. The theatre
is currently one of the most famous and
appreciated places on the theatrical map
of Poland. The attraction is located at
Świętego Ducha 2 Street.

Miniatura Municipal Theatre

3.5 km from the Montownia

One of the oldest theatres in Poland and
the only city theatre for children and
young people in the region. The attraction
is located at 16 Grunwaldzka Avenue.

Baltic Sea Cultural Centre

900 m from the Montownia

A local government institution that
promotes the culture of Pomerania.
Venue for, among other things, exhibitions
and chamber concerts. The attraction is
located at Korzenna 33/35 Street.

Polish Baltic Philharmonic

1,5 km from the Montownia

The Philharmonic is located on Ołowianka
Island in the building of the former
municipal thermal power station complex
from 1898. It hosts concerts, festivals,
literary meetings and art exhibitions. The
attraction is located at Ołowianka 1 Street.

Baltic Opera

3 km from the Montownia

It is the largest cultural institution of the
Pomeranian Voivodeship and presents a
a wide opera and ballet repertoire. The
opera house is located in the Aniołki
district at 15 Zwycięstwa Avenue.