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M3 Crane

1 km from the Montownia

A shipyard crane with a vantage point over
30 metres high. It is located in the Imperial
Shipyard near the pontoon bridge
on Wyposażeniowców Street.

Long Waterfront

1.5 km from the Montownia

For centuries, there were wooden
platforms here for unloading
and unloading of ships. Today,
it is a waterfront promenade in the Main
Town, stretching along the west bank
of the Motława.

Viewing Tower of St Mary’s Basilica

2 km from the Montownia

An 82-metre high tower towering over
the Main Town located on Podkramarska
Street with an amazing vantage point
at the top.

Mariacka Street

1.5 km from the Montownia

A historic and delightful street in the Main
Town, it starts at the St. Mary’s Basilica
and ends at St. Mary’s Gate.


1.5 km from the Montownia

The observation wheel located
on Ołowianka Street is 50 metres high,
From it, you can admire the Old Town,
the moraine hills and the shipyard with

Olivia Star

9 km from the Montownia

Northern Poland’s tallest office
skyscraper with a height of 180 m
with a restaurant and viewing terrace
located on the 32nd floor. The building
is part of the Olivia Business Centre
and is located at Avenue Grunwaldzka
472C in Gdańsk – Oliwa.

The Long Market

1.5 km from the Montownia

A representative square in Gdańsk Main
Town, it is an extension of Długa Street,
with which it forms the so-called Royal

St. Mary’s Basilica

2 km from the Montownia

Dating back to the 13th century,
it is a historic concathedral, the third
most the world’s third largest brick
church by volume. The basilica is located
at Podkramarska Street.

Oliwa Archcathedral

11 km from the Montownia

This is a Roman Catholic archcathedral
church. Its history dates back to the 12th
century, it has a historic organ
in the Rococo style and 23 altars
in various of architectural styles.
The archcathedral is located at Biskupa
Edmunda Nowickiego 5 Street
in Gdańsk-Oliwa.


750 m from the Montownia

A modernist office building, a symbol of communist Poland in Gdańsk, built in the years 1965-71 at Wały Piastowskie Street. It was the only skyscraper in the country to be built from the highest to the lowest floors. The building owes its name the building owes its name to the colour of its facade.

Solidarity Square

600 m from the Montownia

The historic centre of Solidarity at Gate
No. 2 of the Gdańsk Shipyard. Place
strikes in August 1980. The “Monument
to the Fallen Shipyard Workers 1970”

Gdańsk Shipyard

4 km from the Montownia

One of the largest Polish shipyards,
it is located on Na Ostrowiu Street in
Gdańsk. It was established after 1945.
It is a place of historic events for Poland
and Europe, the cradle of the Solidarity

John Paul II cable-stayed bridge

5 km from the Montownia

The highest 99.9 m long cable-stayed
bridge in Poland with a length of 380 m,
also called “The Bridge of the Third
Millennium”. It connects the Port Island
with the Żuławy-Gdańsk.

The Green Gate

1,5 km from the Montownia

The oldest water gate in Gdańsk,
built in 1568 using a small-sized bricks
unpre of small size, called Dutch.
The attraction is located
at Długi Targ 24 Street.

People’s Meeting Square

1,5 km from the Montownia

A large space in the heart of the city
created after the levelling of the hill
of Krähenschanze (Crow’s Lair)
in 1889. Today, it is a venue
for concerts and events.

Main Town

1 km from the Montownia

A representative part of Gdańsk City Centre district, forming a compact historic complex. Most of the city’s monuments are located here; St. Mary’s Basilica, the Golden Gate or the Main Town Hall, as well as the historical axis of the Royal Route consisting of Długa Street and Długi Targ Street.

Mount Hail

2 km from the Montownia

The hill located at Gradowa Street,
in the area of the historical Grodzisko
in the center of Gdańsk with a height
of 46 metres above sea level.


1.7 km from the Montownia

A unique monument of ship technology,
the only steam-powered ore carrier
steam-powered ore carrier preserved
in the world today. It was the first
seagoing ship built in Poland after World
War II. The attraction is located at
Ołowianka Street.